Monday, July 20, 2009

when you're a celebrity

this weekend an unusual death occurred at scout lake, a place where brandon and i have spent a lot of time learning/perfecting our kayaking rolls and flat-water cartwheels. this is a small lake full of logs that people are always swimming out to, clambering around on like a jungle gym, and proving their brute strength by wrestling on the slippery tree remnants. last night an 18 year old boy drowned in this apparently safe, hazard-free lake. from the accounts given he was attempting to swim to a log and something happened (a cramp maybe?) that caused him to give up and attempt to swim back. he didn't make it to shore and his friends didn't get to him in time. as hard as it is to believe, the young man drowned in 12 feet of water.

now to make an incredibly awkward segue (is that an oxymoron by the way?) to the above title...

brandon was working with our kayak school out at scout lake today as we often do on the first day of camp. there he was approached by the news crews and interviewed. i can't upload the video to our blog, but here is a link to the video and his interview. they cut him off at a strange place in his dialogue that doesn't make a lot of sense, but he still looks handsome and knowledgeable about river safety.

go forth and be safe on the water.

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Sara Mia said...

Wow, Brandon does sound and look very professional! Way to go! What an unfortunate accident :( They did put in a nice plug for the company, maybe you'll get more business from it. It's weird how the news does that, cutting people off in odd places. Remember when Kemi was interviewed about the restaurants, Pesos and the Matador? They were asking her if they were similar in anyway, and she said that she thought they were a chain...then it cuts to the news lady saying, "They're not!" It is such a funny clip! Anyway, I bet it was fun to see your man on the tube!!!! :)