Monday, July 27, 2009

have house, will travel

i have been looking forward to our move and all that comes with this new chapter of graduate school and the pursuit of our goals.  never-the-less, i have had the nagging, snarky voice in the back of my head that frets about where we will live.  i was worried about housing and finding a home that wasn't right by the freeway or railroad tracks, a house that we could see ourselves in for two years, a place that had character (in a good way), and that let little harvey be there too. oh, and being close to campus was important to!  whew, that is a tall order, no wonder i was stressed!

well, brandon, being the regular hero that he is, found us a charming little house in laramie.  it might not look like much to others, but after living in a dilapidated cabin in jackson and a garage-turned-apartment here in bend, we have a whole different set of standards.  

beautiful hardwood floors throughout, great light, and special details only found in older homes--these are the things we love about the place.  do not worry dear reader about the single-pane, wood-frame windows and the impact they will have on our heating bill as all, that's right, all utilities are included!  

this funky little oven/fridge nook makes me giddy.  it is so random and unconventional, but i can't wait to put our magnets and pictures of rowan (& others) on the fridge so i can think of him and smile as i cook.

the other selling points: there is a basement apartment below (separate entrance) and the folks that live there own the mexican restaurant in town.  woohoo for free tamales!  the house on one side of us is owned by the people that have the yoga studio, and the other neighbors are the founders of wyoming public radio.  three of my favorite things surround us: mexican food, yoga, and NPR.  is this a slice of heaven right here, 7 walkable-blocks from campus?  i do think it is!

thank goodness for brandon, my house-finding hero!  we leave in two weeks and i am so happy to know where we are headed to.


Maryann said...

Well done, Brandon! I love the brick wall in the kitchen. And hardwood floors! And only 7 blocks away! I'm so happy for you two.

Sara Mia said...

I can't believe you've found a place so fitting! I bet that's such a load off your minds to have that big detail taken care of!!! I miss you and can't believe you leave in just a little while!!!!
Love you,
Sara Mia