Tuesday, July 28, 2009

way past over the line

i love harvey, i mean love harvey.  like i spend most of my tips on treats and toys and other things i think he will enjoy.  i try to make a point each day of doing something i know he will dig (trip to the dog park, a walk, a swim, a frisbee session, etc.).  admittedly, i verge on obsessive.  i begrudgingly confess that i have become one of those "dog people".  i never thought that possible, but alas, here i am all goggly-eyed over this mutt.  

i do have a line, and recently i discovered a distinct point on that line: too far!  check this bumper sticker out.  doesn't it induce gag-reflex?  it does for me.  

in case it is too small, it reads: "i [heart] my granddog".  fear not dear parents, you will not find one of these in your christmas stocking, no matter how much you like harvey.  

(credit to wil for sharing this initially.)


mommarazzi said...

I refer to Max as my grand-dog all the time.
I guess I might need therapy.

loverstreet said...

tammy--i think you are ok because you actually have grandchildren (as in real, adorable ones of the human persuasion). if my folks, who have no grandkids whatsoever, were to begin calling harvey that i would worry as they would be putting too much pressure into a little pup.

Anonymous said...

No worries. No Grandogs.

Kathryn said...

I draw the line at the Photos With Santa booth. Uugh! The ultimate indignity.

PS My parents refer to Henry as their granddog and he is the biggest blessing in their lives (apart from us kids and the real grandchildren!)

loverstreet said...

so perhaps for some the title is okay, but the bumper sticker professing to the world is too much.