Thursday, February 18, 2010

picture book

these photos are overdue, months overdue! unfortunately rodney couldn't be there for this photo shot, or even to see hogan and wyatt at christmas. we still had a great time watching the kids enjoy christmas and seeing papa have most of his family together was wonderful. i can't believe how tall my little brother and sister get each time i see them! 

wyatt usually makes a funny face in at least one of our family photos. i suppose it wouldn't be our annual christmas photo session if he was smiling in each picture.

these photos are far more recent...

our resident neighborhood fox. that is right folks, we have a fox that has been spending some quality time in "downtown" laramie.

brandon caught him last weekend on the playground at the school half a block from our house. he took harvey for a little frisbee action and found this guy there fighting off some crows. brandon suspects that people around here must feed him because he was altogether too comfortable around humans. we have been seeing so many fox in these parts lately.

this is the lovely amaryllis that i planted when we got back from our december road trip. it bloomed just in time for valentine's day and is making our house feel much more vibrant. 

other than that, we've been skiing a bit and mostly keeping our noses glued to computers or books. i was so wrong about this "free time" that i anticipated having as a student. yeah right! 

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Nice photos!