Saturday, July 3, 2010


i am so grateful to have a girlfriend to go ride mountain bikes with. riding with brandon is awesome & pushes me, but riding with a friend is a whole different thing. having emily in town for the summer has been a blast... it is going to be hard to say good-bye come august.

i am also grateful that the clouds are moving in this afternoon. i have studying that just wasn't going to happen if it stayed sunny out all day. grey afternoons are just the thing for thesis prep!

we had an awesome 5 year anniversary trip, complete with heaps of photos. for now, i am going to exercise self-control & choose to do reading for my thesis before i upload the pictures to our blog. admittedly, it is far more rewarding & enjoyable to edit & comment on photos, but i can't handle the guilt that is oozing out of the stack of articles i need to read.

lastly, i am grateful for skilled doctors who took care of one of the best ladies in the world {becky, arguably the best MIL ever!}. surgery went well & hopefully her recovery is just as smooth.

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