Sunday, July 18, 2010

what we've been up to:

b: preparing his presentation for the ecology conference in august.
l: writing a literature review for my thesis.

b: riding his bike in the name of "training" for his 70 mile bike ride
l: grooming our garden, hoping we can eat more than lettuce before the summer turns to winter. {last year that was sept. 15.}

b: gearing up for a week in yellowstone, doing river research commissioned by the navy.
l: gearing up for a two-day whirlwind tour of our square state, stopping along the way to interview people who provide services to people who are homeless. this is for job #2, where i am a mentor to a mcnair scholar.

b: working on all four of our bikes--something always seems to be in disrepair these days. i guess they are just getting more use than normal.
l: refinishing some furniture {pictures to come when it is complete}.

both of us:
  • wishing we had more time away from the computer, where we could hike, bike, eat, read, & sleep. 
  • enjoying our delicious CSA fruits. these apricots straight from the tree are incredible.
  • looking forward to having our godson & his lovely family here in our house soon. what excellent motivation to work hard now so we can enjoy every moment they are here!

1 comment:

DougieB said...

Not a bad list, but I'm sure that you wish for more leisure time. And we got some of those apricots too! Liz made a coffee cake with them, and it is ahhmazing.

We'll be up in the 'voo next weekend, Friday to Sunday. You guys around?