Saturday, August 7, 2010

postage stamp possibilities

we have a little postage stamp of a garden, which i have posted about before. actually, it is more envelope-shaped. but a garden it most definitely resembles. things are actually growing and we've been eating them from time to time. here are a few photos of the recent harvest. 

the carrot came up by mistake when i was pulling weeds, but tasted EXACTLY like a carrot! who would have thought?
our kale and lettuce, which we have been eating like crazy. my mom is always so happy when we sit down to dinner and she can say, "the lettuce is from the garden!" i never fully appreciated what that meant and used to think "gross!" but now, i get it! i can totally taste how much better, fresher, and safer this food that i grew actually is. way to go mom for continuing to grow food for our family, even when all of us kids were mistakenly thinking store-bought was better. 

in our family we have a christmas tradition of "find the pickle ornament on the christmas tree". this summer we have a new tradition, called "where's the pepper?"--sort of like "where's waldo". if you squint just enough you can see we have three peppers growing strong!
tassels, our corn has tassels!
these pictures aren't about the garden, but about the other theme of our summer: mountain biking! brandon finished his 70 mile race in about 8 hours. can you imagine being on your bike for that long?!? no thanks. that is why i volunteered, although i ended up riding about 25 miles myself because i got lost on the way to my volunteer post. typical. i also fell in the mud multiple times, so my shoes have been living on the back deck. even simple green couldn't revive them.

i was so impressed with brandon though. he did amazing and is even thinking about doing it again next year. he wasn't sore the next day at all, just a little tired. 


Maryann said...

I'm so impressed by the gardening AND the biking. Way to go, Overstreets!

Anonymous said...

Your garden is awesome!!! Who would of known things would grow in Laramie,WY. I'm so proud of your obvious green thumb. I'm also proud of the bike racing ability you both have! Way to go for it! Love to you both Mom O

Anonymous said...

Oh.....I love reading your current blog. Thanks for eating (and growing) your vegetables. I love you guys, Mom.