Thursday, August 26, 2010

wild rumpus

*disclaimer*: this is an all-dog, anthropomorphizing post. ignore if: 1) dogs drive you nuts, 2) specifically, harvey drives you nuts, &/or 3) you think i've lost my mind for posting so many pictures of dogs. no offense will be taken.

having grandma & grandpa last night was wonderful! we had a quiet evening with a nice dinner. {i was terrified to cook for stan, but he didn't complain about our uber healthy salad or the quinoa. at least he didn't complain to me!} 

most of the evening centered around getting their scottie dog, fergie, & harvey to play well together. despite her pint size stature, she held her quite own well. all the while maintaining her scottie dog dignity, of course.
 harvey tried to lure her off the couch to play with this move... no avail.
then he tried to wrestle on the couch. as you can see, fergie was having none of it.

we also realized late last night that it was harvey's birthday. he is two & sadly none of this puppy energy is showing signs of disipating. {in case you were wondering, no special treats or gifts were bestowed upon him for his bithday. i don't take my anthropomorphizing that far!}

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Lyssa said...

haha! I love Harvey! Thanks for the great post :) it makes me smile