Tuesday, August 31, 2010

lively decorating

candace, an old friend who i don't get to see often enough, & her adorable daughter came for an overnight yesterday. we went to lunch & then headed out to bart's, which is an awesome flea market in town. we had a blustery afternoon, so spending an hour in the indoor flea market/antique store was perfect. my favorite section is the plant booth {to which candace rolled her eyes in disgust}. last winter i got a creeping charlie plant for our bathroom and almost bought a string of pearls, but didn't feel like i should buy both. i later regretted that and went back, but there were no more pearls left. yesterday they had some so i didn't hesitate!
some jade & the string of pearls to give us some
more greenery & life in the house.
my mom has had these plants before, so i will think of her each
time i water this guy.
turns out now is the time to buy gardening supplies. the pot
that the jade is in was originally $10 (not too bad for a
decorative pot, right?). i thought i was getting a deal on it for $5,
but it rang up for only $2.50! gotta love
needing/buying things out of season!
i also found this yellow enamel bread pan at the
flea market. i wish i would have chosen the larger one so it
would fit more fruit, but i am not totally sure that i am
going to dedicate it to that purpose.
although i haven't decided how to use it, i sure do LOVE it!
Garden Party
we have ears of corn!
brandon's hopefulness paid off.
the broccoli is finally coming around. supposedly it
does ok into the cold fall. lets hope!
i love the feel of this photo. who knew
broccoli could be such a fabulous subject?
i had tomato dreams last night, willing them to turn red!
our only sizable squash. i was too zealous & planted my seeds too
close together, resulting in humid conditions & ultimately,
powdery mildew. next time i will trust the
seeds &give them the space they need.
this might be the only squash we will be able to
eat this year. bummer!
our little forest of peppers
an antique, a few plants in colorful pots, & an expanding garden--all of these things make me happy to have a little more growth & life in our house.

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Anonymous said...

Love your photos, thoughts and knowing you had a fun time flea shopping with Candace & Tink.
My Sting of Pearls plant met it's demise a few months back. At least no one has to duck when they approach the dining area now.
Love you - thanks for thinking of me. Mom