Sunday, August 15, 2010


it seems that blogs these days are for showcasing how you salvage & remix old furniture to be more hip, more your own. being the late-to-catch-the-boat person that i am, i finally got around to refinishing a side-table/night-stand that i was never too fond of. almost all of our furniture {except for our dining room table & bookshelf} have been hand-me-downs or gifted to us. we are grateful for the generosity of our friends & family, but most of our furniture just seems so random & not, well, us.
the side-table in its original state. boring & bleh to those handles.
it was functional though, as it fit our printer, housed our small dvd collection,
& hid our printer supplies, but was beat-up & ugly.

i trusted the advice of young house love & put some good ol' elbow
grease into making this table new to us.
i wish i would have gone with the blue on the lower half of the
paint chip, but i was being cautious since this was my first project.
the paint name: "totally scientific". who has the job of
naming paint colors anyway? they are so random!
there's that elbow grease i was talking about.
i did every step of this project, with no help from brandon.
{except for when he showed me that i was using the sander wrong.
it would have been a miserable project if he didn't correct me.}
this is what this corner of the room used to look like.
we love the central oregon painting, but it didn't really fit there.
i'll admit, we just hung it on an existing nail when we moved in.
isn't that design laziness at its worst?
& now...
this is the corner with the new blue table, a candle from ross & jordyn,
an awesome fabric basket my mom made for us, photos of our
godson rowan & my sister hogan, & a cheap DYI
knock-off of {expensive!} crate & barrel prints.
we have two more prints on the other side of the room,
above a matching nook.
seriously, i love these prints! i also love this corner of
the living room so much more!
i'm not terribly fond of the tall{& ugly} lamp in the corner
that was left behind by the previous renter,
but it works for now. i foresee a future project for a hanging light...

to keep the light blue from looking too much like it belonged in a nursery,
i roughed up the edges. the scuffs & scratches make it look totally better!
 plus, it keeps me from worrying about it getting dinged or scratched...
it will only add to the character right?
so there you have it: my first furniture refinishing project. all the rest of my furniture better watch out, because i am on a mission!


Maryann said...

great job! and yeah, "totally scientific" is a strange name for a paint color, but also kind of awesome.

Anonymous said...

Please move the basket around do the edge where I ended it does not show.....hee hee.
Love your decorating touches! XOXO, Mom

Eliza said...

Haha we must have the same bug! I have that exact picture of me proudly sporting a sander trying to make something cute out of old furniture. Now I'm inspired to blog about it:)

The Ingrams said...

Ooh I love it! I always love seeing what people do to transform furniture.