Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the grandparents are coming, the grandparents are coming

i have never had a grandparent stay at my house before, but that record is about to be broken: stan and delores arrive in an hour or so! brandon is out of town (yet again!) so i am on my own to host tonight, but i am excited to have them in our home. they are also bringing their adorable dog fergie, so harvey will have a bit of entertainment as well.

in other news: school is rough. classes haven't even started yet and i already feel behind. it seems we have over 1,000 pages to read before class starts friday. how did this happen? i just hope this isn't indicative of the semester... i hate starting out defeated and behind. at least i just have one more year of this academia business. i suppose i should savor the student lifestyle as i am sure the year will race by.

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