Friday, July 20, 2012

for comparison's sake

i have put off taking photos of most of our house with the intention of making things "perfect" (& clean). i decided tonight that most folks who care about what our house looks like really don't care if it is photo shoot worthy. (i shared living room photos back in november.)

so this is what the kitchen looked like last august, during our home inspection:

i feel like we really haven't done much to the kitchen, but in contrast to the photos above, this place looks a whole lot different today:

while i have all kinds of plans a brewing for our kitchen remodel, i thought it would be good to document the current look. 


The Ingrams said...

I love your kitchen!! Love love the floors and that paint color and the open shelving. I'm sure whatever you have in mind for a remodel will be great too!

Anonymous said...

These are great shots of your kitchen! I love it. Nice to see Harvey-Boy was able to be included too!
Love you, Mom

Maryann said...

I love it!! I want to be there.

loverstreet said...

thanks everyone! should any of you make it to laramie, i'll cook you up something delicious and serve you wine at our little bar. :)

Anonymous said...

I think it all looks darling (including the chickens)! As I remember with my home, even the slightest improvement gives everything a totally new look! Your kitchen shows us who lives there! You and Brandon have done a beautiful job!
Love to you both!
Aunt Cheryl