Wednesday, August 7, 2013

baby o updates

how far along: 21 weeks
total weight gain/loss: 8 pounds.
maternity clothes: a random combination of whatever fits my ever-expanding body (namely, my chest).
stretch marks: still none. (yet.)
sleep: inconsistent, but not horrible. and still entirely dependent on a that magic half tab of unisom. i might have to buy stock in this stuff. which reminds me, i think i might be out so an emergency trip to the store is now a must!
best moment this week: learning that our little baby o is a girl. somehow that makes this whole pregnancy thing feel less like i am harboring a parasite and more like i am growing a human being.
movement: she was moving so much during our ultrasound that we have to go back in a few weeks to allow the ultrasound tech to get all the required measurements. she clearly likes to bicycle kick her legs, which is fitting since she is joining this family.
food cravings: yumm! sauce and fresh tomatoes.
gender: so clearly a girl. we are getting more and more excited about this, as we were pretty surprised to learn we weren't having a boy.
what i miss: having a full day go by where i don't collapse on the couch in an afternoon haze.
milestones: realizing that the odds of our kiddo becoming a sponsored professional downhill mountain biker are actually much higher given that we are having a daughter. priorities, right? :)


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