Thursday, August 29, 2013

week 23

it won't be long before i can't see my feet any longer.
how far along: 23 weeks
total weight gain/loss: not sure.
maternity clothes: yup, but i discovered H&M maternity line so that helped me expand my wardrobe a bit. (please save your lectures about the moral failures of buying cheap clothing because, yes, i know, i shouldn't be supporting a company like this, but i did...).
stretch marks: still none. (yet.)
sleep: getting slightly more difficult lately, due in part to my ability to stay asleep now and harvey's recent fondness for barking loudly in the middle of the GD night. ugh!
best moment this week: feeling her moving like crazy while i was in yoga class. i just broke out in a great big smile because i felt so connected to her!
movement: more and more, especially when i am still. perhaps this also impacts my lack of sleep.
food cravings: tillamook cheddar and icelandic-style yogurt (which is awesomely thick and has tons of protein!)
gender: female.
what i miss: being able to order a glass of wine at a restaurant. while i am drinking an occasional alcoholic beverage in the comfort of my home now that i am out of the first trimester, i don't feel right drinking in public or putting the server in an awkward position.
milestones: a few weeks back we got a call from the midwives that after the anatomy ultrasound they determined the baby was younger than we thought, so they moved the due date to dec 28. i got a little glum about the change, but i rationalized that i would rather have to adjust to a new due date at this point in the pregnancy than when i am DONE at the end. (i also secretly think they are wrong and that she will come closer to the original due date of dec 19. wishful thinking perhaps, but oh well.)

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Lyssa said...

Love the updates, and the picture ;) I wish I'd done this during my pregnancies.

I'm sure you've heard it and thought it but don't lose any sleep over the due date. They always come in their own time and right on time. Babies are just awesome like that ;) I so wish we lived closer. Hugs and love to you all from VA!