Tuesday, May 8, 2007

dead computer equals no posts

i must admit that starting a blog of our lives was a bad idea when i knew our "temporary" computer was going away soon--hence the lack of posts lately. our real computer is big d dead and the work computer of brandon's that we had had to go away.
we spent some time researching the computer we want (imac 17") last night and are convinced that is what we want to buy. but we are tired of buying things now and paying for them later. we really need to shake this attitude that debt is okay! so we are dilligently and patiently saving. okay, so the patient part comes and goes.
for now we are just trying to find some times to be together with this being finals week for brandon (and one exam for me with my online class) and closing weekend for me at work. but brandon leaves sunday for dillon, montana for three weeks so we are trying to enjoy the sunshine while we can.

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Shannon said...

This isn't so much related to this blog ( although i do know EXACTLY what you mean and how you feel about debt) - however, i LOVE that your first initial and last name spell out Loverstreet. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny!