Thursday, May 10, 2007

amazing days and happy photos

yesterday was an amazing day: i got a distinguished service award from my colleagues in the department (coming from those who selected me it is a high honor!), i was asked to be a model for a local kayaking company, i got a (small) raise at work, and i got to talk with my mom and best friends! what more could i ask for?

although yesterday was great, i feel our post is sorely lacking in the image department. i have no images of the events from yesterday, so here are some things that make me happy that have been going on lately:

this photo is of big sister nia and baby gabrielle. so cute! if only i could be near the barr-jeffryes all the days of my life. i miss them so terribly.

so these are the lovely tulips that bloomed to celebrate kemi and taryns' birth! such beauty for such beautiful girls. it was a wonderful weekend of flowers, mojitos, and girl time--oh, so needed after a five hour drive through wheat fields.

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