Friday, May 25, 2007

sad for the unknown

today i went to the memorial service for officer lee newbill who was killed in the shooting last weekend. the grief in the room was palpable and swept over all of us in slow and steady waves.
i experienced three things:
1) pride in being an american. it has been a long time (if ever) that i have felt this. i am grateful we live in a place that takes time to honor the fallen and to show appreciation for their sacrifice. i was honored and humbled in that moment to be a part of something bigger--and to be proud of my citizenship.
2) embarrassment for being a christian. the chaplain who gave the benediction did a severe disservice to officer newbill and to christianity. he turned the memorial of a great man into a chance to evangelize. it was disturbing and disgusting.
3) awe for the human heart. i was moved to tears time and time again through this memorial for a man i didn't even know. it is a strange sensation to grieve for someone you will not know. but the anecdotes and humor made me wish i had the opportunity. despite very dark circumstances, the ability of the human heart to love someone it has not known is amazing.

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Shelley Marsh said...

Dear Lulu,

As I read your thoughts and perspectives on today's memorial, I glance up from our computer at the poster I so proudly made when you graduated high school, with all of your awards, scholarships, achievements and "Student of the Year" displayed for all to see in our little-town newspaper. You will always be the person of the year to me. I am so proud of who you have become and where your ideas will lead you. I love you so much, Mom