Thursday, January 24, 2008


yesterday i had a nasty fall on the ice. it was one of those cartoon-like falls that defies gravity and causes you to fall into the ground below with quadrupled force. it went like this:
so yesterday i had a nasty headache, dizziness, and an unrealistic inability to focus all day. i slept (bad idea in hindsight) and woke up with the same symptoms. i reported the incident to the safety office and they told me that i should get medical attention as a workers comp claim. i went to the quick care and the results are.... i have a 2nd grade concussion. there are three levels: 1 being the least bad and 3 being knocked unconscious so i am right in the middle of that joy!

the other thing i learned is that doing a workers comp claim requires mounds and mountains of paperwork--as a deterrent from making such claims, i am sure--and those are hard to fill out when you are concussed. i think i put together all the possible wrong combinations of all the addresses i have ever had.

anyhow, now i have drugs (muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory) as the main thing is the pain in my neck. on my x-rays the side view of my neck is stick straight, but it should be "C" shaped so that means my muscles are all spasming--more fun!--hence the lovely meds.

the saddest news the doctor gave me: no football for 10 days. how will i ever survive?

if you are wondering, my hip is feeling ok, although it is currently a deep, dark purple bruise that seems to be enlarging as we speak. good thing i have a bit of padding there!

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