Monday, January 28, 2008

worth remembering

we got home tonight from our journey to tonasket and apex ski resort. on our drive we heard a song that made us thankful for all the fun we get to have together: someday these will be the good ol' days, let's make them worth remembering.
our ski trip was incredible--got in some good downhill (er, cross country) with kim up in havillah. it was certainly some of the steepest cross country skiing i have conquered yet so that felt nice. plus it was a joy to be out in the woods with kim and cedar. all-in-all a great visit in tonasket!
here i am showing of my snow plowing ability, which i exercised rigorously that day!

then we drove onto apex and crashed at this great hostel that is literally right on the mountain. it was cheap and often smelled like marijuana, but then again it was full of canadian youth so any other smell may have been alarming.
the building in the center was our abode for the weekend
this photo doesn't do justice for the mountain, but it shows that it is indeed a beautiful place

the morning started out with blue skies and sunshine allowing us views for miles. by mid day the crowds picked up a little and the clouds came in, but it was still a great place for me to work on getting my ski legs back on. we are going to have to make this skiing thing a regular activity.
and apparently when i wear goggles i no longer have eyes--a great look for me really!

here is my better half, looking all handsome on top of the mountain.

this morning we cruised down into penticton, hoping for a full plate of eggs and hashbrowns, but our lack of familiarity coupled with their abundant "closed" signs lead us instead to a health food store where i scored on some gf cookies and a kaiser-less kaiser sandwich while brandon choked down a fake (canadian) bacon egg sandwich.

oh, and i got to hug one of (if not the) biggest peach ever. not everyone can say that! all stories told, we had a great weekend and certainly one we will look back on while we reminisce from front porch rockers some day in the distant future.

p.s. i wore a helmet the entire time while we were downhill skiing but managed to suffer another head trauma while climbing out of our bunk beds. it won't be the adventurous stuff that kills me--it is walking to work and going to sleep that seem to be the obvious culprits for this girl!


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