Tuesday, January 15, 2008

surprise attack

last night around 9:30 we noticed that it was snowing like crazy. the weather report had said nothing of snow, so a blizzard was certainly not on our radar. indeed, a blizzard it was! huge flakes were whizzing sideways past our window and within 30 minutes the freshly shoveled sidewalk was covered in 6" of snow.
then the calls started coming in. (i am on call for work now.) over the course of the night i received 26 phone calls and i was up until 3:00am! multiple transformers around town blew up into blue arcs of energy, generators petered out mid-way through the night, a handful of folks required rescuing from downed elevators, and i schlepped my way through feet of snow to calm everyone down. when i went to my car at 2:00am to solve yet another crisis, my doors were frozen shut. i swore a bit and climbed through our back hatch. at that moment i thought about quiting my job.
now it is the next afternoon and the snow is beautiful, a true wonderland. i am sure most people woke up to be surprised by the winter beauty around them. i however watched the flakes fall all night and fought the wind gusts as i ran from building to building. maybe i am lucky to have witnessed the whole winter attack.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Linds! What a horrible night! I'm glad to hear the next day you were able to take in the beauty that the storm left behind.
I love you!
Sara Mia